Melania Sends Baffling Message For National Drug Take Back Day, Completely Destroys Her Own Campaign

WTF is going on here?!

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Donald Trump’s administration has got to be the most tone deaf, out of touch group of people that we’ve ever seen. The president himself is a disgrace to humanity, but that could be said for so many more individuals in the White House right now — including Trump’s wife First Lady Melania Trump.

Earlier today, FLOTUS ruined her own campaign to fight against the opioid crisis by sharing a photo that would never allow anyone to take her seriously. As today was National Drug Take Back Day, this could have been a great opportunity for Melania to remind America that she was making America’s drug epidemic her priority, but instead, she made the whole thing a joke.

On National Drug Take Back Day, Americans are urged to turn in any unwanted medications to specific “take back” locations – but Melania failed to communicate that. Instead, she used it as an extremely inappropriate photo op which looked more like a Vogue spread that an anti-drug campaign. Here’s the tweet, which read:


It’s @DEAHQ National Take Back Day! As you safeguard your household from unneeded prescription drugs, read @ONDCP Director Jim Carroll’s op-ed on preventing drug abuse BEFORE it starts.”

I mean, look at this photo:

Tone deaf doesn’t even cover it, to be honest. People on Twitter immediately noticed and reacted with shock and disappointment, lashing out at the White House for being utterly clueless and sending such an ignorant message:

America is currently facing an epidemic when it comes to drugs, and the White House pretty much made a mockery of it.

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592 points