Top Republican Calls Trump ‘Fake News’ On Live Television, All Hell Breaks Loose

I never would have expected this to happen.

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A lot of people are wondering just what the hell has gotten into Senator Lindsey Graham after watching him defend Brett Kavanaugh over the last few days. We saw a Republican senator who has been more unhinged over the last week than he’d been in his entire career, which is likely the influence of his new buddy, President Donald Trump.

Graham has officially become Trump’s new golf buddy, and they’ve been spending a great deal of time together. Clearly, the president’s influence, terrible behavior and vile characteristics have rubbed off on Graham over the last few months, because the more level-headed Graham who criticized Trump earlier this year never would have backed Kavanaugh the way he did.

In just a few months, we’ve watched Graham transform into one of Trump’s biggest supporters, after a long history of opposing the president and speaking out against him. It’s almost hard to believe that the pro-Trump version of Graham we’re seeing now didn’t exist just a few months ago, but take a look at what Graham was saying about Trump as recently as July. On July 1, Graham went on national television and called Trump “fake news” for his lies and involvement with Russia. In speaking about the president’s upcoming meeting with Putin, Graham said:


I’m concerned when the president tweets, you know, Russia denies they meddled in our election. When they say they didn’t meddle, they’re lying, so I’m glad the president is going to confront Putin. Show him the evidence you got, Mr. President, because it’s overwhelming.”

Then, Graham called Trump’s insistence that Russia did not meddle in our elections was “fake news.”

In many ways this administration has been tough on Russia. We’ve armed the Ukraine, we’ve imposed sanctions, we’ve kicked out diplomats, but the idea that Russia did not meddle in our election is fake news. They did meddle in our election and they’re doing it again in 2018.”

It’s really hard to believe that this is the same man who flipped out while defending Kavanaugh and is currently kissing Trump’s a*s. Here’s a reminder of who Graham used to be before he lost all common sense:

Hopefully, the old Lindsey Graham is still hiding in there somewhere and will come back soon.

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