Stormy Daniels’ Former Lawyer Comes Forward On Hush Money Payments, It’s Really Bad News For Trump

This could blow everything up.

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Donald Trump just continues to get more bad news about his extramarital affairs and hush money payments.

Recently, a lawyer who once represented Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) has come forward to say that the hush money payment made to Daniels by Trump was absolutely a political payment. If this is proven to be true, Trump could be in even more legal trouble than he even imagined.

It was previously reported that this hush money payment was made by Michael Cohen under the direction of Trump, and that the payment was made in the waning weeks of his 2016 presidential campaign. Cohen had confessed to his role in the payments and said that it was done to benefit Trump’s campaign, however Trump and his team continued to deny it. Now, former Daniels lawyer Keith Davidson has come forward to say the payment was definitely a campaign-related disbursement.

Davidson spoke about the timing of Daniels airing her story, which happened right after Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape was released, where the president had admitted to sexually assaulting women. Davidson stated the payment was definitely politically motivated because Trump was terrified that having another strike on top of the Hollywood Access tape would ruin him:

The Access Hollywood tape was the motivating factor in this case actually resolving.

It defeats the argument that this was done for purely personal reasons, and that this was in fact done for political reasons,” Davidson added. “Because after the Access Hollywood tape that something like this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

If this was in fact a political payment to benefit his campaign, it should have been reported to the FEC – and there are major consequences for not reporting. Trump could not only be impeached, but he could also spend up to five years in prison. None of us would argue that prison isn’t exactly where Trump belongs.

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