Trump’s Budget Director Addresses His Broken Promises, Blames Obama For POTUS’ Failures

Who would believe this?!

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Americans, even the Trump supporting ones, are sick and tired of Donald Trump’s lies. At this point in his presidency, he has had more than enough time and has no excuse for why he hasn’t been able to deliver the majority of his promises. As a result, the president is making his administration members double down on lies and come up with some very ridiculous excuses.

Today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had her first press briefing in a month and it was a total disaster. More dishonest than ever, Sanders began the briefing with a lie, stating that Trump’s new budget kept his promises – except there’s a major contradiction. Acting director of the Office of Budget and Management Russell Vought was confronted about this as well and he pretty much had a meltdown as he was forced to deflect and say what all Republicans say when they f*ck up – it’s all Obama’s fault!

This happened as one reporter pressed Vought and said that Trump had promised to “eliminate the national debt in eight years.” They said that Trump had pretty much done the opposite:


The president has added historically large numbers to the national debt instead of keeping a promise to pay it off?”

Vought’s reaction was shameful, blaming it on Obama even though Obama had taken office during a massive financial crisis, while Trump had inherited the White House during a far better economic period:

The last administration nearly doubled the national debt. When this president ran for office, he made a commitment to the American people that he would attempt to tackle the debt with eight years,” Vought continued. “This president did that the very first year he came into office by sending forth a budget that balanced within ten years and had more spending reductions than any in history.”

This of course, pretty much exposes the fact that this is another one of Trump’s broken promises – and the best defense they have is to blame a former president. Watch the clip below:

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