Russia Has Shocking Reaction To Mueller Report: Putin Wins And America Is A “Pain In The A**”

Trump has made America look like a joke.

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We’ve heard a lot about how Donald Trump feels about the Mueller report, but what does his partner in crime, Russia, think about it? Russia news site has just spoken, and it’s extremely humiliating for America. The news site wrote:

A mountain has given birth to a mouse. The ‘Russian affair’ falls to pieces before our eyes.”

The official Russian response has been similar to Trump’s reaction — they’re using the Barr summary’s statements about no collusion between the Kremlin and Trump as a chance to sweep all claims of Russian election interference under the rug despite the Mueller investigation stating that Russian government agents did actually meddle in America’s politics. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:

It’s hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it’s not there.”

You can bet that Trump’s own failure to stand up for America isn’t helping. But while Trump may be doing all he can to protect Russia, those feelings aren’t necessarily mutual. Russia’s feelings are far less sympathetic two years after his presidency — and in fact, Russian media outlets are trashing America for being so dysfunctional under Trump.


On Monday, Russian Sen. Aleksei Pushkov tweeted that the Mueller investigation was “a humiliation for the USA and its political elites.”

Kremlin newspaper Russian Gazette wrote, “The word ‘conspiracy’ has become one of the most popular in the U.S. political lexicon.”

Another Russian media outlet said, “We are seeing how America’s hysterical internal politics are morphing into external politics” that are becoming a “growing global pain in the ass.”

Thanks to Trump, America has never looked worse on the world stage and Russia is clearly using that to its advantage. Russia is using this to spin the narrative that Putin is stronger than Trump and that the country is more capable than the United States. And unfortunately, Trump is more than happy to oblige and assist in that narrative.

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