Pence Defied Trump In “Heated” Meeting In Oval Office, Said He Wanted To Keep Obamacare

Pence has had enough!

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Donald Trump and his Vice President, Mike Pence, have disagreed many times in the past and it’s always caused a lot of drama and criticism for the president considering he can’t even get on the same page as his own right hand man.

Now that Trump has rekindled his crusade against Obamacare, the president has found himself at even more odds with his team. Trump had decided to continue his attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, completely going against the warnings of pretty much everyone including Pence, his attorney general, and White House counsel.

According to the New York Times this caused a lot of drama in the White House. The New York Times reported that White House counsel Pat Cipillone, Attorney General William Barr and Vice President Mike Pence had “concerns” over Trump’s plan to repeal the healthcare law and expressed this during a “heated” meeting in the Oval Office on Monday. The NYT reported that Pence “was concerned about the political ramifications of moving ahead without a strategy or a plan to handle the suddenly uninsured if the suit succeeds.”


It’s never a good sign when Pence is actually the logical one in the room. After this testy meeting, a smaller one was held. During this meeting, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and Joe Grogan voiced their support for the president, which was all Trump needed — especially after Mulvaney told Trump “his base would love it.”

Trump has once again gone against the advice of many of his administration members and his own VP, making things in the White House even more awkward than usual. Replacing Obamacare has been a fight that the GOP has been arguing about for years and still hasn’t been able to solve. Ex-RNC comms director Doug Heye noted:

Having worked (wholly unsuccessfully!) on Obamacare replacement in 2014, I’ve seen up close how Republicans can’t agree on much of anything re healthcare. To move anything, Trump Admin will have to go all in, long-term. Doesn’t seem terribly likely.”

Looks like the GOP is looking for more failure and humiliation!

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