Reporter In Oval Office Laughs In Trump’s Face After He Says His Wars “Don’t Need Exit Strategies”

They can't help but laugh when the man is such a joke.

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We usually try not to encourage laughing at people. As generally laughing at someone, rather than with them, is a bullying tactic and that’s not a nice thing to do. But when you’re dealing with someone as downright stupid and absolutely appalling as the likes of Donald Trump, sometimes you just can’t help it. Besides, after what he has, is, and will continue to put this country through, the man deserves a taste of his own medicine.

And that is precisely what he got today during a press gaggle in the Oval Office.

Donald was questioned by one reporter as to whether or not he has a plan for bringing an end to what is most likely an impending war with Iran — after they shot down an unmanned drone and Donald has since threatened harsh reparations, allegedly pulled out of an airstrike just 10 minutes before its launch, and warned of complete “obliteration” after Iran’s Supreme Leader called Donald and his White House “mentally retarded.”


Donald didn’t seem to really understand the meaning of the phrase “exit strategy” — or he really is just that arrogant — because he replied with, “You’re not going to need an exit strategy. I don’t need exit strategies.”

Now what happened next wasn’t necessarily an act of bullying, but rather a natural release of complete exasperation with the near constant stream of stupidity that runs forth from the mouth of our president — but whatever the reasoning may have been, reporters gathered in the Oval Office can be heard laughing at Donald’s response.

Is it really funny that the man has no idea what a war even consist of and he has the full authority to soon catapult us into one? No, not really. But sometimes he is just so downright, blatantly stupid that the only response your brain can conjure up is a sort of nervous laughter.

You can watch the clip here:

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