New Report Reveals Shocking Prediction For Trump In 2020, Even POTUS Will Be Surprised

Did anyone see this coming?!

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While most of us are painfully aware that Donald Trump’s presidency is the worst thing to happen to America in a VERY long time, many are still nervous about what the 2020 election is going to bring because Trump is still managing to tap into his rabid fanbase despite all of his broken promises and mishaps. But according to a new poll, Trump might want to stop his overconfident act right now.

A new ABC News/Washington Post survey found that an astounding 55 percent of voters “definitely” won’t be voting for Trump in 2020. And to make matters worse, these voters feel so strongly about saving this country from The Donald that they’re not even going to consider it! The percentage of people who would “definitely would” vote for him was only 28 percent, and only 14 percent said they were on the fence and might “consider” Trump. While Trump has certainly defied the odds before, those are some very bleak numbers — and he still has a good bit of his presidency left to keep f*cking up!

If Trump wants to throw a fit about how this poll is inaccurate, he’s going to have a hard time: These results echo an NPR/PBS/Marist survey from January, which reported that 57 percent of voters “definitely” won’t vote for Trump next November.


These high numbers mean that Trump has lost a very good portion of the Republican Party’s support. While many of his most diehard supporters seem to be holding on for dear life, many conservatives who had originally voted for Trump are dying for relief, some of them even willing to run in the other direction and vote for a Democrat over Trump. If Trump cannot bring his numbers up — and it’s highly unlikely that he can unless he completely changes his tune — he has no hope for the second term that he wants so badly.

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