New Poll Pits Trump Against Nancy Pelosi, The Results Are Stunning

Wow, this is going to be devastating.

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Donald Trump has already had a very rough start to the new year and it’s about to get so much worse. According to a new Gallup poll, new Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is crushing Trump when it comes to approval rating. Considering that Trump has been trying to blame the government shutdown on Pelosi and the Democrats, this is very bad news for the president and signals that America is more over his nonsense than ever.

This poll marks the first time in Trump’s presidency that he is more disliked than Pelosi, which will likely only get worse. In the Gallup poll, it was found that Trump is far worse when it comes to unfavorable rating, as he is at 58 percent compared to Pelosi’s unfavorable rating of 48 percent. While Pelosi’s favorable rating is lower at 38 percent and Trump’s is 40 percent, Trump’s net favorability rating is -18 points and Pelosi’s is only -10 points.


And if Trump wants to dispute this poll, he’s going to have a hell of a hard time. Recent CNN and NBC/Wall Street Journal polls have also reported that Pelosi is quickly rising. Meanwhile, Trump’s presidency only continues to get worse as he receives criticism for the ongoing government shutdown and is seen as more of a liability to the GOP than ever before since the midterm election losses he caused for the Republican Party.

Trump is likely to continue on this downward spiral while Pelosi continues to put pressure on him and gains popularity. America is tired of Trump and will be willing to support anyone who keeps him in check. It looks like the country is already looking to Pelosi for relief.

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