New Poll Brings Trump Back To Reality, POTUS Devastated With Results

It's about time that Trump got this reality check.

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Yesterday, Donald Trump made the mistake of reveling in his “success” by posting a “Throwback Thursday” video celebrating his election win. It was completely inappropriate, undeserved, and uncalled for, but what else can you expect from a former reality television star that conned his way into the White House? Here’s the video:

Fortunately, karma is swift. Not even 24 hours after Trump posted this video, the president and his supporters got a harsh reality check in the form of a new poll. While Trump is bragging about “winning,” a national survey from ABC News and Washington Post puts his presidency into perspective in a way that no one would be proud of.


The poll states that regardless of the picture Trump is trying to paint on Twitter, his performance in office has never been worse! It’s the lowest it’s ever been, with a disapproval rating of 60 percent — and it’s the lowest for any POTUS in modern polling since the ’40s!

To make matters even more devastating for the egomaniac, 63 percent of Americans approve of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and 49 percent think Congress should start impeachment proceedings. Ouch!

This is exactly why Trump’s supporters need to be taught not to be so gullible, and why no one should be going by Trump’s tweets. The president is a pathological liar, and his Twitter account is the home of all his outrageous, unfounded claims. Any time the president posts something that is favorable to him, it almost always comes from a right-leaning, inaccurate poll, or has no source at all. Most of Trump’s tweets are actually straight-up lies.

This poll proves that Trump is working overtime to hide his failings, and he’s hoping his supporters are too stupid to do their own research. With midterms approaching, we certainly hope Trump voters hear this message.

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