Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Destroys Republicans For Fake Videos Of Her Mother, Puts Them In Their Place

She ripped them apart!

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and president Donald Trump have been in quite the heated feud over the last few days. Pelosi made a comment about Trump being involved in a cover-up and Donald effectively lost his damn mind. As a result of the one remark from the House Speaker Trump has pitched a major hissy fit and ultimately walked out of an infrastructure meeting, had a total poutfest from the Rose Garden, tweeted a thorough tantrum, had another poutfest in an agricultural meeting where he forced his employees to praise him, and now he’s tweeted a fake video of Pelosi that’s been doctored to depict her as a drunk.

Of course, Pelosi knows just how big an idiotic crybaby Donald really is and so far has really tried to just make like a duck and let it roll off her back. Chances are, that’s the only way you can stay sane when trying to deal with anyone in that administration. However, Nancy’s daughter, Christine Pelosi has had her fill of the situation, and took to Twitter describing the fake video as “despicable.”


“Republicans and their conservative allies have been pumping this despicable fake meme for years!” Christine’s tweet read. “Now they are caught. #FactCheck: Madam Speaker doesn’t even drink alcohol!”

In a second tweet, Madame Speaker’s daughter shared a message she received from a Trump supporter who accused Nancy of hating America and reiterated the false idea that she abuses alcohol.

“This is the cr*p I’m talking about — reported to @Facebook — which like @Twitter will not suspend the account that clearly violated Terms Of Service. Obviously this doesn’t stop ME but others are affected by the ‘voter depression’ strategy that Trump allies are perpetuating,” Pelosi captioned the tweet of a screenshot of the message she received.

People are getting fed up, and they’re going to start dragging out the torches and pitchforks soon. Let’s just hope it’s not too late.

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