Mitch McConnell’s Staff Manhandles Woman Survivor Who Tries To Approach The Senate Majority Leader

This explains why they're okay with Brett Kavanaugh — they think treating women like this is just fine.

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In a moment of pure cowardice, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed his staff to inappropriately and physically touch a woman who attempted to verbally confront the Senator in an airport. And as though that weren’t bad enough, the woman and her associates had already identified themselves as sexual assault survivors.

Tracey Corder of the Center for Popular Democracy went to meet the Kentucky lawmaker as he tried to get to his car, to ask him about his ongoing support for not just suspected rapist Brett Kavanaugh, whose nomination to the Supreme Court has inexplicably still not been withdrawn, but for the President himself, who faces nearly 20 credible accusations of sexual assault over the years.

As McConnell and his entourage walked, they began picking up speed. The women with Ms. Corder were also women of color, and it was very clear that pasty-white Mitch and his staff were nervous, confused, and more than a little angry at the confrontation.


As Corder asked the Majority Leader questions like what his constituents might think of his behavior or whether or not he believes survivors of sexual assault, one of his staffers inappropriately pushed her by the chest, prompting her to ask him, “Am I being assaulted right now?”

Corder’s direct action partner then asked, “Why are you putting your hands on her? She’s walking.” Watch:

Some activists, like Democratic Coalition founder Scott Dworkin, asked whether McConnell would be firing the staffer for inappropriately touching the woman:

It is definitely not a good look for Republican Senators to allow their staff to manhandle survivors of sexual assault as they simultaneously try to confirm a man suspected of even worse to the nation’s highest court.

Featured image via screen capture

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