Melania Has Been Using A Body Double To Stand In With Trump And There’s Finally Hard Evidence

Believe it or not, we're not crazy.

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Saturday morning on Twitter, there was the most unusual trending term that caught my eye, and I had to go see what it was about: #FakeMelania.

I think everyone can agree that Melania Trump is a “fake” person — as in, pretending to care about orphans and Jews and bullied kids and the poor, poor immigrants — as evidenced by the fact that she remains married to a white supremacist who wouldn’t pour his Diet Coke on any one of those people if they were on fire.

But one small sign that even the real Melania might not be real didn’t escape the attention of eagle-eyed observers — on a trip to Alabama this weekend where the Tacky Asshole in Chief handed out autographed Bibles to disaster victims, the First Lady was spotted holding hands with Donald, something that the power couple has notoriously struggled with since he was elected (or possibly before, we can’t really know).

That details led people to look closer, and sure enough, what seemed like a conspiracy theory at first appears to be confirmed through multiple pieces of photographic evidence: Melania Trump has a body double, and now that we really compare the two side by side, it’s hard to see how we were ever fooled before.

There’s the simple stuff — the face doesn’t really look the same:

But believe me, I’ve woken up with jowls on a bad day myself — that really wasn’t enough to convince me. Height, on the other hand, is much harder to fake:

You’ll note that in both of the photos there, “Melania” is wearing the same white and burgundy Adidas Superstars — not heels or pumps or anything else that would drastically affect the appearance of height in any way.

But where on earth would the President and his team be able to smuggle a body double for the First Lady that would be available at a moment’s notice and never be suspected of anything?

That’s where the apparent proof comes in. There is a Secret Service agent assigned to the First Family that looks pretty familiar:

This seemingly implausible theory actually looks to be real, and this morning, our minds are BLOWN.

Featured image via screen capture

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582 points