Trump Visits Alabama After Tornadoes Wreak Havoc, Manages To Make The Trip All About Himself

Trump can't stop thinking about himself for even a minute.

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Donald Trump has made some strange decisions while visiting disaster situations during his presidency — and his trip to Alabama today was nothing short of bizarre. While visiting Alabama residents devastated by a tornado outbreak last weekend, he managed to make the trip all about himself, signing bibles to hand out to the crowds like a celebrity televangelist.

The president offered up his signature to first responders and victims of the natural disaster at a Baptist church in the eastern side of the state where tornadoes killed 23 people last Sunday. Trump began his trip with a helicopter ride to survey the damage across the state, eventually landing in Beauregard, Alabama where he thanked volunteers and commented on the destruction.

We saw things that you wouldn’t believe.”

Donald and First Lady Melania Trump later visited a memorial for the victims where a row of 23 wooden crosses was lined up in honor of those who lost their lives. Even in the face of tragedy, the president couldn’t help but inject himself into the situation making things as uncomfortable as possible.


We couldn’t get here fast enough. I wanted to come the day it happened.”

Trump says the Federal Emergency Management Agency staff will be staying in Alabama as long as the state needs assistance to recover from the damage left behind. Directly after his brief and unusual visit, the president took off to Mar-a-Lago, Florida for a leisurely weekend of relaxing at his private club.

While the president’s trip to Alabama was odd and insulting, it’s not the first time he’s made a fool of himself visiting a disaster zone. When Trump visited Puerto Rico to speak to victims of Hurrican Maria in 2017, he decided to start throwing rolls of paper towel into a crowd of survivors.

Let’s hope he doesn’t repeat that scene.

Featured image via DC Tribune

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