Lindsey Graham Gets Into Insane Shouting Match With Trump Official, Republican Party In Chaos

I wonder what Trump thinks of this.

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South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has officially lost his mind. We all saw this coming, as Graham had transformed from an outspoken critic of Donald Trump to practically the president’s new BFF over the last several months, but Graham’s behavior continues to spiral out of control.

It’s just been reported that Graham had a meltdown and got into a nasty, vulgar shouting match with Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan during a briefing on Syria. NBC reporter Courtney Kube told MSNBC that the two men were now “adversaries.” She said:

Lindsey Graham, who has been pretty outspoken in recent weeks about his opposition to withdrawing all U.S. troops from Syria, he really pressed the acting secretary on the plan and on whether Shanahan agrees with this plan, saying and using some colorful language.

When Secretary Shanahan just continued to defend the plan and continued to defend the planned withdrawal, which at this point is still on track to be complete by the end of April, Lindsey Graham shouted out at him ‘if that’s your plan, I consider you my adversary.’ It was a really tense moment.”

You can watch the video below:


We’ve truly seen Graham’s behavior fall apart since the GOP Senator began playing golf and hanging out with the president on a regular basis. He seems more willing to come unhinged at a moment’s notice, and even when he is opposing something the Trump administration is doing, his behavior hardly reflects anything that a Congressman should be proud of. Trump has truly set a new standard for politicians, and now there’s no such thing as professionalism in the political arena.

With all of that being said, Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria was an unpopular one from the start, and one that he received loads of backlash for. It seems this is one thing that Graham will never be on board with.

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