Roger Stone Worried About Going To Jail, Scrambling To Sell His House

He's not so tough now.

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Donald Trump may think he’s getting away with things, but his inner circle is becoming smaller every day. Trump’s BFFs are dropping like flies and the president should really be scared as they all possess the same careless, idiotic, dishonest behavior that is getting them into deep sh*t.

The latest example of this is Roger Stone, Trump’s longtime political advisor. Stone, who had just gotten himself arrested in an FBI raid a few weeks ago, found himself in trouble yet again thanks to his idiotic Instagram post about U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson being in crosshairs.

He’s clearly freaking out about the ramifications of his behavior, because it’s just been reported that Stone has put his Ft. Lauderdale home up for sale, according to crime and justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz. Prokupecz reported this on Twitter, and it was later confirmed by CBS. Prokupecz wrote:


Roger Stone’s Florida house is up for rent. There is a ‘For Rent by Owner’ sign in the front yard of the house where he was arrested in an FBI raid last month.”

Stone’s not so tough now, is he? Currently, Stone is facing revocation of his bail by Judge Jackson following the disgusting, threatening image he posted of her on Instagram — and it serves him right. Trump and his loser friends must learn that they can’t just get away with their nonsense and live without consequences. Their actions are starting to come back and bite them, and we are all waiting for Trump to have his own brutal moment with Karma.

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