Kellyanne’s Marriage In Trouble As She Responds To Trump’s Fight With Her Husband

Is Trump about to break this marriage up?!

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Donald Trump has done several highly concerning, horrifying things over the last few days, but one that we did not see coming was the growing feud between the president and George Conway, the husband of White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.

After George had posted about Trump’s mental instability by suggesting several psychiatric disorders that Trump clearly fits the criteria for, the president has publicly lashed out at him and made their feud even more public. Trump even called George “a total loser” and “husband from hell.”

Thanks to Trump, Kellyanne has been brought into it and while many of us would choose our families over our insane boss, it seems she has done the exact opposite. Kellyanne spoke from the White House driveway when she was asked about her husband’s tweets and said that she did not agree with her husband’s assessment of the president’s mental health. She said:


No, I don’t share those concerns. I have four kids, and I was getting them out of the house this morning to talk to the president about substance.”

Kellyanne even made this more humiliating for her husband by saying he had originally been very happy that Trump was elected. She said:

George was so excited, literally crying with joy in his MAGA hat — black, not red — with his MAGA hat on election night. So, in that way, he’s changed his opinion on matters with the president, the presidency. I haven’t, and Donald Trump hasn’t.”

Trump has barely been able to keep his marriage to Melania together (and has suffered other failed marriages). Now, it seems he’s resorting to breaking up other marriages and families. To pick a fight with the husband of one of his top administration members is disgusting and Kellyanne is being put in an extremely awkward position by him. Unfortunately, she seems to be choosing Trump in this battle.

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