Kellyanne Snaps During Interview, Exposes GOP Panic As Trump’s Tax Returns Are Brought Up By Host

Republicans are NERVOUS, and it shows.

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If you saw Donald Trump’s tweets this morning, you know that the president and the Republican Party are in a panic now that the Democrats have gotten control of the House of Representatives. This is really bad news for the president and his administration — this means more checks and balances, and it means more investigations into the unethical wrongdoings of the president and his team.

Trump’s mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway was obviously feeling the pressure this morning, because she couldn’t help but get testy as she was reminded what this Democratic win meant for the president (and her job). As CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked her about Democrats taking up leads that the Republicans refused to — like Trump’s tax returns — Conway was basically ready to explode. All she could do was whine “is this really what we’re talking about today?” as she got into a heated back and forth with Camerota.

Conway desperately tried to survive this conversation by mocking Democrats for not having greater success in the midterm elections, and also brought up that their investigations into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had come up short. While Camerota tried to keep Conway focused and on the subject of the White House’s response to midterm results, Conway continued to ignore her and complained, “we’re going back to 2016 now.”


During this exchange, Conway also tried to hype up her boss by bragging about how many Republican midterm winners Trump had supported — conveniently leaving out that over half of them LOST. Trump had endorsed 55 GOP candidates on Twitter, and 30 of them were midterm losers. The White House sure has a weird way of spinning Trump’s losses as successes.

You can watch Conway practically have a meltdown below:

If Trump and Conway are already falling apart thanks to the results, we can only imagine this is going to get far worse as the Democrats settle into their new positions and start strategizing about how we can get this country back on track. The Republicans were overly confident in the midterms, and now they’re panicking big time. Trump and his team, most of all, will be the ones who will suffer.

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