Kellyanne Conway Makes Disgusting Remarks About NZ Massacre, She Needs To Shut The F*ck Up

Kellyanne Conway needs to sit down and shut the hell up.

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Trump’s staff have been working their collective asses off to cover the breadcrumb trail of anti-Muslim and overall racist bullshit that has hailed from the mouth of Trump in the wake of the New Zealand massacre that took place Friday morning. But counselor to Trump, Kellyanne Conway, has a different message for everyone pointing their finger at Donald’s long history of racism — just shut the f*ck up.

Evidentally, poor Kellyanne has had it up to here with everyone pointing out the obvious when it comes to Trump’s virtually constant encouragement and display of violence, racism, and anti-Muslim sentiment. She feels that reporters are just politicizing the atrocity by connecting Trump’s white nationalism to that of the shooter’s — even though he directly named Trump as one of his biggest inspirations — and let’s not forget that Trump literally politicized the massacre and used the slaughter to push his agenda for a border wall. But whatever, Kellyanne.

In a Fox News appearance, Conway spoke on journalist and reporters stating that “They insert themselves ― ‘I must speak! I must say something!'” She continued that remark with “No, you don’t. You can actually shut up and pray for people and wait for the authorities to make their judgments.”


Following her usual suit, she cracked down even harder on her typical criticism of the press. Urging the media to “look at what the president said right away, condemning violence, condemning hate, standing with the people of New Zealand.” Okay. Except he didn’t say it right away, Kellyanne. He said it late. Later than almost anyone. Then he almost immediately turned around and claimed that white nationalism isn’t an issue while simultaneously using the massacre to help him ostracize an entire group of brown people. In case she missed the memo — that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Seems that Kelleyanne needs to take a look at Trump’s track record thus far and take note — whining, pitching a hissy fit, and telling everyone to just “Shut up!” isn’t going to change the truth. And we’re sorry to tell you, no amount of prayer in the world will bring back 50 dead worshipers or make POTUS any less of a racist, white nationalist piece of shit.

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