Kellyanne Conway Just Put Her Job At Risk, Admits Insider Book About Trump Is Credible

She is NOT doing herself any favors with this.

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Bob Woodward’s book Fear: Trump in the White House represents an accumulation of confidential interviews with individuals within Donald Trump’s inner circle. Trump has taken a defensive stance toward the book, asserting that it’s filled with lies and innuendo.

But at least one of Trump’s top advisers believes Woodward has the goods on Trump and the inner workings of the White House.

According to the Washington Post, Kellyanne Conway has privately been telling people within the White House that Woodward “was credible and that his book could be damaging.” A fellow official who spoke with the Post on condition of anonymity also informed the publication that there is nothing in Woodward’s book that strikes them as untrue or implausible, adding to the credibility of the 448-page book. The anonymous source said this to the Washington Post:


I’m not sure why everyone is acting so shocked.”

Woodward’s book is set to release on September 11, and it paints a devastatingly embarrassing and disturbing portrait of Trump.

According to the book, the Russia investigation into possible collusion has been a constant source of anxiety for Trump and his lawyers. In January, Trump sat down with an outside lawyer named John Dowd to help advise him on the White House interactions with Robert Mueller’s special counsel. The plan was to stage a mock interview between Trump and Mueller. The mock interview was riddled with lies and contradictions, right before Trump insulted James Comey and exploded in anger, ranting on about how the investigation was a “hoax.”

The book also describes Trump as being disinterested and indifferent on major issues. During a July 2017 gathering between the Pentagon, Trump, and many in the military, Trump ranted about when they were going to “start winning some wars.” While members of his cabinet were trying to describe what was going on in Afghanistan with the help of visual aids, Trump got tired and lambasted them, saying “Why are you jamming this down my throat?” Trump then snapped, attacked the generals in the room, leaving then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to pick up after Trump — but not before calling Trump a “moron.”

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