Melania Goes On Twitter To Post About Black History Month, Instantly Regrets It After Internet Lets Her Have It

When will Melania learn?

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It seems like the job of any First Lady during a presidential term — with two notable exceptions off the top of my head — mostly consists of diplomacy, grace, and knowing when it is or is not appropriate to say something.

The current First Lady, I suppose, does a passable job in the grace department as “behavior during public events” goes. But knowing when to stop herself from publicly commenting on something? Her record is awful, and only getting worse as Donald Trump’s interminable term as leader of the free world drags on.

So seeing her post, without a hint of irony, in honor of Black History Month was perhaps not shocking — but still, plenty galling to Americans, given her marriage to hands down the most racist president in modern memory.


Really, Melania? Are we celebrating diversity now? Because I see nothing but memes on Twitter and Facebook, clips on Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, and statement after statement from a certain white supremacist Congressman from Iowa that Republicans absolutely refuse to kick out of the party, all saying that diversity is not our greatest strength, but rather a thing to be feared as an indication of the destruction of white culture.

The internet, it seems, may have felt the same as I do:

It’s going to take some time for America to remember what it was like to have a President and First Lady who even deserved to comment on Black History Month after the damage that the Trump family has done to our national psyche.

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