Kellyanne Conway Appears To Get Fact Checked By Her Husband After She Goes On CNN To Defend Trump’s Lies

How do they keep it together at home?

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It must be very, very strange inside the Conway household. That’s really the only thing I can think after watching George Conway, a lawyer who is married to Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway, publicly tear apart almost every defense of President Donald Trump on social media as soon as they come up.

What’s really awkward, though, is when those defenses come from his wife.

Kellyanne appeared for roughly the hundred billionth time on Chris Cuomo’s flagship CNN show Cuomo Prime Time, although it’s unclear why either of them agrees to these appearances anymore. This broadcast, in particular, had approximately 40 minutes of each participant saying “no” a little louder than the other person was trying to talk. Once you could sort out the interjections from the actual statements, it was clear that Kellyanne was there to try and derail the conversation about the fact that Trump has now been implicated in a crime.


Much of it was Cuomo hilariously insisting that Kellyanne should at least stipulate to a set of facts based on — get this — things that have actually happened.

It was clear she had no intention of doing anything but presenting the same phrases over and over, and never answering any questions. But in a mildly shocking twist, her husband George, who generally reserves his Twitter commentary for other defenders of this indefensible President, posted shortly after the end of the show:

It was essentially a direct rebuke to his wife, who spent the majority of her time on Cuomo’s program shouting that Michael Cohen has no credibility and therefore should not be believed.

We have seven interminable minutes of Cuomo and Conway’s insufferable back and forth here for you if you want to watch it for context:

But really, only Mr. Conway’s tweet matters, because Cohen is already going to prison for the things that Kellyanne says he’s lying about, which means that obviously prosecutors and judges don’t believe they’re lies, and believe that it is, in fact, Donald Trump who is lying.

And as for George? He’s sticking by the statement — he’s actually pinned this exact tweet to the top of his Twitter page.

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