Insider Close To Trump Makes Stunning Revelation, Believes Trump’s Assets Will Be Seized While He’s Still President

This would devastate Trump.

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Donald Trump is about to get some VERY bad news, from one of his longtime associates!

Trump literally has decades and decades of criminal history, and those who have been close to the president over the years are well aware of it. Thanks to an insider who has been studying how the State of New York and the Feds are going about their investigations into the president, it seems as though they’re going to hit the president where it hurts – his assets.

TV personality Donny Deutsch has known Trump for years, and on Wednesday evening he made an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews, where Deutsch predicted that Trump was going to have has assets seized from him – while he was still in office! Having known Trump for 20 years and Michael Cohen for several years as well, there may be no one better than Deutsch to remark on just how ugly the many crimes the Trump Organization and Trump real estate empire have committed.


While Deutsch didn’t say exactly how these assets might be seized, he did suggest that the president may incur a huge amount of fines once the president’s criminal activity is discovered. And since Trump has consistently lied about how much money he’s worth or has to his name, he may not be able to pay those off. If Trump can’t pay the fines, the president would then have to forfeit his assets, which could include his bank accounts, real estate properties, or both.

This could be a real possibility, as it’s been reported more recently that Trump may actually be in a terrible amount of debt. Just recently, a Trump biographer stated that Trump regularly fabricated his wealth, and may not have even near the amount he wants America to believe he does. Like everything else the president says, his wealth has been a lie and it’s going to bite him in the a**.

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