Fox News Host Shocks Trump By Calling Out Unfair Treatment Of Obama

The president did not see this moment coming.

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Donald Trump’s presidency has become so disastrous that not even his most loyal network, Fox News, will defend him anymore. In fact, Fox’s hosts have actually started coming to the defense of former President Barack Obama, after spending the entire 8 years of his presidency trashing him.

Earlier today, Fox News’ Juan Williams stunned viewers (and the president, of course, because we all know he was watching) when he criticized Kanye West’s ridiculous performance at the White House yesterday. In the segment, co-host Jesse Watters had defended West and Trump from numerous critics, stating that the outraged media was merely “so upset” about West’s Oval Office appearance because he’s so influential. Watters said:

If the black community is open-minded about President Trump, then that poses a real significant threat to Democrats electorally.”

It was a typical thing for a white, privileged, conservative male to say – and Williams set him straight for it. Williams pointed out Trump’s abysmal approval ratings with African Americans and said this about West:


If he was thinking for himself he would have had some substantive argument to make.”

Then, he called out Trump and the Republican Party for being hypocrites, recalling how they’d trashed Obama for his interactions with prolific African American performers such as Common, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar. Williams said:

When you have people like Common, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar doing things with President Obama, the right wing went nuts! They said these guys are rappers, some of them associate with thugs and gangsters. Hey, what about this guy? All of a sudden, the man who has insulted Republicans, the man who has nothing to say other than his hat gives him a superpower is a Republican hero? This is ridiculous, it’s absurd. And Don Lemon, amen. This is someone who is a shameful example of behavior in the presence of a powerful white man.”

Williams also hit back at Trump and his administration for trying to manipulate voters with West, when they actually don’t give a damn about minorities.

This was not about black people or about his impact on the black vote. This is about how white Americans, who say, ‘Hey, Trump has problems with race,’ feel about Trump. Now Trump says, ‘Hey, look, America, I got a black friend in a red hat!’”

It was a moment none of Williams’ co-hosts expected, and one that will definitely devastate Trump. But whenever a Fox host uses some common sense and notices the flaws in their own party, it’s worth celebrating. You can watch Williams drop this truth bomb on Watters below:

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