Fox News Finally Has Last Straw With Trump, Gangs Up Against Him In Stunning Segment

We've been waiting for this moment for so long!

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Donald Trump probably got the shock of his life today during his “executive time” if he was watching Fox News (which is highly probable). The network has been notably more balanced recently, as its reporters are pretty much fed up with lying and defending the idiot we have in the White House and the network is realizing that being pro-Trump is hurting them more than anything.

Earlier today, an entire panel roasted Trump for his repeated attacks on late Senator John McCain. It was a dialogue we never thought we’d see happen on Fox News, but we’re so glad it did. Addressing Trump’s recent comments that McCain was a “dead war hero,” which the president made during his press conference with Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro, everyone on the conservative network’s panel let Trump have it.

During the segment, GOP strategist Lauren Claffey pointed out Trump’s inability to stay on task with his random comment that he “never a fan of John McCain and never will be.” Claffey said that Republicans are “always a little concerned” that Trump will go off the rails during a speech.


Host Neil Cavuto also said that Trump’s “fixation” on McCain was disturbing and “in a field of its own.” RealClearPolitics’ A.B. Stoddard was also on the panel, stating that “we’ve known for a while that President Trump took it very personally” when McCain opposed the “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act. Stoddard pointed out that Trump clearly hadn’t gotten over it:

He obviously takes it very personally. He mentions it at rallies, mentions it over and over again. It is truly offensive. There’s veterans that are supporters of Donald Trump that will be deeply hurt by these comments.”

Later in the segment, Cavuto said:

I do believe you do jump that proverbial shark going after a dead war hero.”

The entire segment went on for several minutes like this, with the panel members going back and forth discussing how insane Trump’s recent behavior has been. Looks like Trump is running out of allies yet again. Fox News is looking more like CNN every day, and the president must hate it.

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