Footage Taken At Bush Funeral Appears To Show Trump Dozing Off, This Is A Total Lack Of Respect

This is absolutely unfathomable.

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Today, by the sheer graciousness of the Bush family, Donald Trump and his wife First Lady Melania Trump were allowed to attend the funeral of former president George H.W. Bush. We all know that this was an honor that Trump hardly deserved due to the bashing he has done to the Bush family over the years, but they still extended their kindness to the president even at such a sensitive event.

For anyone who hoped that Trump might have had the decency to respect this act of kindness and act like a normal human being at a somber event, Trump has once again proven those people wrong. As footage has revealed of Trump at the funeral, it seems as though the unhinged, undeserving President of the United States was caught snoozing during the ceremony!

While this is merely speculation at this point, when you take a look at the footage below, it’s hard to believe Trump was doing anything but taking a nap during the funeral!


Considering how disrespectful Trump is, no one should be surprised – but it’s still revolting. And the person who posted this footage is probably dead on – Trump can’t hold his attention for anything that isn’t related to him – not even the funeral of a former president. The Republican Party should be up in arms about this and condemning the president for such a show of indifference to this funeral. This footage is currently going viral, and I think we can all agree that Trump deserves to be dragged for it, repeatedly. This is truly embarrassing for the GOP.

Featured image via screen capture

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