First Amendment Lawyer Sends Trump Administration Major Warning Over Banning Reporters

Trump is in big trouble now!

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Donald Trump’s decision to revoke the press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta after falsely stating that the reporter had physically assaulted a White House intern during a tense exchange with the unhinged president has been met with much criticism. Some are even saying that CNN has every right to sue Trump and has a strong chance of winning if they pursued a lawsuit.

Earlier today, Brian Stelter led a discussion with constitutional attorney Floyd Abrams, Former CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno, and veteran journalist Sam Donaldson over the Trump administration’s move against Acosta. When asked if CNN had the right to sue, Abrams said:

I think it’s a really strong lawsuit.”

The First Amendment lawyer cited numerous requirements that the Trump administration would have to have had in order to revoke a press pass, and what happened to Acosta didn’t meet any of them. When Stelter asked if CNN should sue, Abrams stated yes. Stelter then called on Donaldson for his input, and Donaldson said:


I hope I’m not mistaken, but it’s my understanding that CNN and Acosta have sued, that there will be a court hearing on Tuesday on this very matter we’ve been discussing.”

Stelter appeared a little confused, and said “Not that I know of. Not that I know of. You may be ahead of me.” Donaldson followed up:

I’ve been told that because I’ve been asked to give an affidavit, which I’ve prepared, to be submitted to the court.”

CNN later clarified this segment, stating that the network hadn’t filed a lawsuit yet — which Stelter announced on Twitter. However, the fact that CNN has now gotten legal advice that they can and should sue, it could only be a matter of time.

You can watch the segment below:

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