Extremely Awkward Video Of Ivanka Talking About Her Dad’s Debt Surfaces, Exposes Every Trump Lie

How will Trump turn this around?!

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Recently, the President of the United States has been shoving more lies down the throats of the American people. Yesterday, Donald Trump was trying to defend himself against completely accurate reports about his debt by tweeting about how it was completely normal for real estate developers to “show losses” in the 80s and 90s. Calling reports about how he’d failed as a businessman “fake news,” Trump tweeted:


Unfortunately for the president, his lies are being blown up — by his own family members. Donald Trump may have been able to hide his past and deceive his gullible followers, but the truth will always come back to haunt him — and in the most recent turn of events, an old video of his daughter Ivanka Trump has revealed that Trump is likely the worst businessman in existence despite what he says.

Yesterday, comedian Samantha Bee decided to push back against the president and expose his lies by airing an old video of Ivanka telling the story about how her father used a person who was homeless to explain to her the great amount of debt he was in. The clip, which was in the 2003 documentary “Born Rich,” was shown to complement the information in a New York Times report that stated Trump had nearly $1.2 billion in business losses from 1985 to 1994. In the clip, Ivanka said:

I remember once my father and I were walking down Fifth Avenue and there was a homeless person sitting right outside of Trump Tower and I remember my father pointing to him and saying, ‘You know, that guy has $8 billion more than me,’ because he was in such extreme debt at that point, you know?

You can watch the footage below:

Bee, as most of the viewers, was beside herself. Slamming the GOP for claiming to be a fiscally responsible party, she poked fun at Republicans for standing behind a con artist and someone who is probably the worst businessman in the country. She said:

Look, the only thing that Donald Trump really had going for him as a candidate was that he was supposed to be a great businessman. Now we know that not only is he a bad businessman, he is one of the worst in American history.”

If Trump’s supporters are smart enough to believe this evidence, the president is going to be in big trouble.

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