Elderly Trump Supporters Send Major Warning To Young People In Must See Video

This is the video every millennial needs to watch.

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As if the midterm elections couldn’t look any worse for the Republican Party, a new clever ad has just mobilized tons of young voters who perhaps didn’t intend on voting in November, but definitely are now — because this ad scared the crap out of them.

To get millennials to vote in the midterm elections, the Knock the Vote campaign has found the perfect way to inspire America’s future to get involved in the political process and the future of this country. The ad, which is titled “They’re doing fine, are you?,” features old white conservatives (who undoubtedly voted for Donald Trump) mocking younger people for not voting even though they are the ones being affected by the current issues the country is facing.

In the ad, the elderly Trump supporters sarcastically encourage young people to stay home so that the old and rich can continue living the lives that Trump has helped them get. One senior says:


We’ll be there, I bet you wont. Because we’re a generation of doers not whiners and we’re doing great.”

Other perfect lines said by the elderly characters were:

Tax cuts for the rich? Hell yeah, I’m rich as f**k.”

Climate change? That’s a you problem. I’ll be dead soon.”

This ad points out that younger Americans vote less than old ones, and this clearly was a massive issue in the last election and part of why we’re in this position. Fortunately, more people are registered to vote ahead of midterms than in 2016, so that’s a good sign.

Hopefully, millennials will see this ad and be inspired to get to the voting booths in November. While no one is under the impression that our country is doing great, this ad campaign really drives the point home. Much of Trump’s fan base is old white people who will not have to deal with the consequences of his presidency. It’s about time that young people used their voting power to shut this madness down. You can watch the ad below:

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