The American Bar Association Just Made An Unprecedented Announcement On Kavanaugh’s Future

This is going to ruin Brett Kavanaugh's career — as it should.

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While Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh might be hopeful now that his final confirmation vote is set for tomorrow and a few of the swing Senators have decided to betray all women and support his confirmation, Kavanaugh shouldn’t be smiling yet. Even if he is confirmed tomorrow, his life will never be the same after these sexual assault allegations — and there will be some justice, even if the Republican Party doesn’t care about it.

The allegations of sexual assault brought forth against Kavanaugh by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and several other women were extremely credible, and while the GOP isn’t listening to these women, some people still are. In response to Kavanaugh’s disgusting, angry performance in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, the American Bar Association has just announced that it is going to re-evaluate the judge.

This decision comes after Kavanaugh was seen giving a ridiculously unhinged performance — much like Donald Trump, the man who chose him. During his hearing, Kavanaugh was seen trashing Democratic senators and sniffling like a child — which has caused the American Bar Association to wisely second guess his temperament to be involved at such a high position in American law.


In an official letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the American Bar Association announced that its Standing Committee will evaluate Kavanaugh’s “temperament,” However, it likely won’t be before his confirmation vote tomorrow. While it might not have any effect on whether or not this undeserving judge is confirmed, it’s a strong symbol that Kavanaugh shouldn’t be.

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