DOJ Renews Push To Allow Trump To Block Twitter Users That Annoy Him

What a bunch of whiney babies?!

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Donald Trump loves himself some Twitter. It is truly one of his most favorite things. I can just imagine him kicking it in the White House, reminiscing on just how grateful he is for Vladimir Putin, iPhone in hand, giddy as a schoolboy as he types out whatever rant he’s worked so hard to come up with today.

He truly has worse habits than some 15-year-old “social media star” with a serious drama issue. His only problem is, he really wants to be able to block the “haters” like a social media star, too.

However, much to Donnie’s dismay, a federal court ruled that, because he is president of this nation (however unfortunate that may be for the rest of us) he can’t block Twitter users, even on his personal account, as he uses it to conduct government business and make announcements — and preventing users from having access to that would be “unconstitutional viewpoint demonstration” under the First Amendment.


And since actual press briefings are now a thing of the past, the only way left to know what’s going on is his Twitter account.

But, of course, Trump was far from happy about that. He wants to have his cake and eat it too (meaning he wants the ability to run his mouth without any negative responses or ramifications) and he’s pushing all his little minions to make sure that happens.

As a result, Trump’s DOJ has recently requested reconsideration from a federal appeals court in regards to the Twitter-blocking ruling.

“An official’s decision to exclude someone from his personal residence would not exercise the authority of the government, even if he were giving official statements on that property on that day,” the DOJ argued, according to The Hill. “And what is true for real property is likewise true for a social media account.”

This is a level of butthurt never seen before, folks.

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