Congress Makes Move To Protect Workers From Trump’s Shutdown, Approves Back Pay

This makes Trump look terrible.

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Donald Trump has put countless federal employees in a terrible position by breaking the record for the longest government shutdown in history — and all because he can’t have his racist border wall. While the president throws a fit that no one’s giving him money to bring his terrible idea to life, federal workers are terrified that they won’t be able to pay their mortgages and bills, or receive medical care if needed.

Fortunately, there’s a tiny bit of good news for the Americans affected by the man baby in the White House. Yesterday, the House cleared a bill that would make sure there was back pay for federal workers who aren’t getting their paychecks during Trump’s shutdown. This measure was passed 411 to just 7 — and as you can imagine, all of the 7 people who voted to screw these Americans over were Republicans. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said:

On the first day that some of our federal employees will miss their paycheck, Congress is saying and guaranteeing that workers will be paid not only for this shutdown, but God forbid if we have any future ones, that their pay will be guaranteed.”

According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump has agreed to sign the bill to make up for how badly he’s screwed everyone over. McConnell said:

I had an opportunity to talk to President Trump a few moments ago and wanted to indicate to our colleagues that he will sign the bill that we’ve been discussing here to guarantee that government workers who’ve been displaced as a result of the shutdown will ultimately be compensated.”

But despite the passing of this bill, things still aren’t great. Employees will still only get the payments when the shutdown ends, and Trump doesn’t seem to care that people have to pay bills and make payments. Many other government contractors affected by the shutdown were also not represented on this bill — such as food and service workers, security guards, and custodial staff. Senate Democrats are now pushing for those employees to receive back pay as well.

Trump has created a horrible situation for everyone — even himself. There’s no way he’s going to come out of this without more of the country hating him.

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