White House Responds To Trump Morning Meltdown On Twitter, Keeps Trump Indoors For The Day

This is really pathetic.

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If you went anywhere near Twitter (or the internet) today, you were probably well aware that the president had one of his worst meltdowns on social media this morning. Clearly feeling the pressure of his Russia investigation, criticism regarding his pathetic government shutdown and border wall, and the fact that his chances for a 2020 win are disintegrating before his eyes, Donald Trump blew up and unleashed a fury of unhinged tweets, prompting the White House to react.

Since Trump is practically a child trapped in an old man’s body, his advisors are forced to treat him as such.

In response to this temper tantrum, which was only going to get worse if someone didn’t step in and do something drastic, the White House decided to cut off all contact between the press and the president today as they try to get The Donald under control (and away from his phone). Josh Dawsey, a White House reporter for the Washington Post, reported this emergency response from the Trump administration:


These are all clues that something big is about to happen for Trump. We all know that the president goes absolutely wild whenever he’s in deep sh*t, and the fact that the White House is trying to isolate him further speaks volumes for where Trump’s mental state is at.

The Trump administration knows that the president is a major threat to himself and the country right now, and the administration is in full damage control mode. Unfortunately, it looks as though The Donald has still been tweeting occasionally, so they’re not doing a very good job.

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