Audience Shocked After Trump Talks About Scalia’s Sex Life At Medal Of Honor Ceremony

I'm not asking you what's wrong with him — I'm telling you.

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If you thought Donald Trump was only sexually inappropriate with young women he wants to get in bed with, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. As it turns out, Trump just has no idea what “boundaries” are and honestly, I am fairly certain he wouldn’t care if he did know.

This President entered office as a man confused about what is acceptable to say or do in polite society — and I don’t mean he’s not “politically correct,” although I despise that term, since it’s usually used by creepy guys who are upset they can’t say the N-word anymore or comment on a coworker’s bust size.

What I mean is, Donald Trump spent so much time sheltered as a young man, completely out of touch with the real world, that he has two distinct but related issues that make him unfit for office. First, he knows only how to interact with others like him: Privileged, white, and rich enough that an education doesn’t matter. And second, it’s clear that he has very rarely been told “no” about almost anything in his life, and he’s certainly never taken a punch in the shnoz for saying something inappropriate.

In an ideal world, the US President who doled out Presidential Medals of Freedom to a handful of recipients yesterday would be someone who (a) knows what kind of person deserves such an award, and (b) conducts themselves gracefully while awarding them. Unfortunately, Trump is neither of those things, and any aide or staffer who might counsel the President not to do or say something inappropriate has been long since fired.

And that’s how we ended up watching Donald Trump give a Medal of Freedom to the late Justice Antonin Scalia by awarding it to his wife of 56 years, the 80-something Maureen McCarthy Scalia, while commenting on the couple’s sex life.

It just doesn’t get any weirder, or more inappropriate, than commending a dead guy on how many times he impregnated his wife — in front of said wife and all nine of their children.

Nonetheless, I have a video for you. Because of course he did.

Featured image via screen capture

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