Trump’s Former Campaign Advisor Just Issued Stunning Warning To POTUS About Mueller, Impeachment Imminent

Wait until Trump sees this!

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Many Americans have been praying for the possible impeachment of Donald Trump, and most of us can admit that we are exhausted, humiliated, and terrified of the president’s actions and words on a daily basis. It turns out that even members of Trump’s own inner circle believe that impeachment is somewhat inevitable, as the president’s own former campaign advisor Sam Nunberg revealed in an interview with MSNBC this morning.

During his appearance on “Up with David Gura,” Nunberg stated that there was a very real possibility that Trump could become the third United States President to be impeached by the House of Representatives. When host David Gura asked Nunberg about Trump’s written responses to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Nunberg chalked this up to the results and Democratic wins in the midterm elections. Nunberg said:

I also think that he probably — just an opinion of mine — would not have actually answered the questions if Republicans had kept the House.”

Nunberg also stated that in March, he was subpoenaed by Mueller – and revealed that there was a high likelihood that Trump would be impeached when all was said and done. Nunberg said:


I remember, as Rudy Giuliani said, this is about articles of impeachment. The fight about him getting impeached.

I happen to believe he will be impeached, he’s not going to be removed from office, but I think that at the end of the day he’s going to be impeached.”

It should be of very much concern to Trump that people closest to him and who were familiar with the inner workings of his campaign and team seem to feel that impeachment is on the horizon for the president. Trump knows he’s in trouble – and apparently, so does everyone who has worked with him. You can watch Trump’s own former campaign advisor make this startling prediction below:

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