Another Model Comes Forward, Says She Was Paid To Cover Up Trump Affair

No, not that affair, the other one. No, the OTHER other affair. We're losing count at this point.

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As if Donald Trump didn’t already have enough on his plate, a reporter has just come forward with evidence that there is yet another model whose story had been purchased by American Media, Inc, the parent company of the National Inquirer, headed up by David Pecker, a close personal friend of Donald Trump.

AMI was in the business of buying the stories in order to secure the rights, then bury them so they didn’t hurt Trump’s presidential aspirations.

The independent reporter, Scott Stedman, says he published an article about the incident before he was threatened with a lawsuit by Cameron Stracher, the chief legal counsel for AMI:

Stedman is a young man and doesn’t have the resources to defend himself against a media giant like the National Inquirer. But the reporter claims that evidence of the affair and cover-up is contained within the recordings seized from former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office, and that he was certain the media would be discussing it shortly:

My sources had direct knowledge of the deal. [They] have direct knowledge of the payment, that is about as much as I can say.”

Stedman has received multiple offers of support in order to defend himself and possibly get his own story published:

The anonymous sources Stedman has relied on recounted a total payment of $185,000 to the Playboy model, paid in two installments over the course of six months in 2014. That lines up perfectly with when Trump began considering a true run at the presidency — shortly after his trip to Russia

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