Americans Noticed Something Peculiar About Trump During His Oval Office Speech; Did You Notice?

Did you notice this?!

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Donald Trump ruined everyone’s Tuesday night by interrupting networks so that he could fear-monger about immigrants and try to muster up some support for his pathetic border wall, which no reasonable person in America wants. It was a pathetic speech, and one that made him look even more idiotic than ever before.

While Trump may have wanted to use his Oval Office address to convince Americans to get on his side regarding the border wall, no one could actually pay attention to what Trump was saying to begin with. Throughout the president’s speech, he performed some very distracting behavior. His characteristic sniffling — which we have seen in many speeches before — completely dominated his speech. This, of course, raised several questions about the president’s health or suspected drug use. Certain points of Trump’s speech were so overrun by the sniffles that several people actually started to create mashups of his speech using only the president’s sniffing.

See for yourself:


Let’s just say that although Trump wanted this speech to be a shining, memorable moment in his presidency where everyone was forced to watch him on television, no one’s going to remember anything he actually said. Judging by the reactions to his speech, the only thing people are talking about now is the president’s weird sniffing:

Featured image via screen capture

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