Young Student Trashed Melania To Her Face In Viral Photo, She’ll Never Forget This Moment

This is so humiliating!

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Things have truly changed since Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have left the White House. The Obamas were a widely respected, scandal-free family and their presence drew crowds and enthusiasm that still has Donald Trump seething with jealousy. And his wife, FLOTUS Melania Trump, is definitely feeling the country’s resentment as well.

When Melania was visited by 30 sixth-graders from Washington DC charter school Digital Pioneers Academy at the White House, what was supposed to be a fun field trip led to one of the First Lady’s most embarrassing moments.

During this visit, the students sat with Melania and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in the White House Family Theater, where Melania presented the 2017 film “Wonder,” which was about a boy with Treacher Collins syndrome. Melania’s spokesperson said:


The movie celebrates October’s National Bullying Prevention Month by highlighting the importance of choosing kindness — a core belief of Mrs. Trump’s Be Best campaign.”

But even kids know that Melania’s anti-bullying campaign is complete bullsh*t and saw right through the hypocrisy. In one of the photos taken at the event (which Melania posted to her own Twitter account), one little girl was extremely unimpressed with Melania and instantly became an internet sensation. Check out the girl in the third photo who looks like she would rather be doing ANYTHING than visiting Melania:

With her arms crossed, this student has the most “over it” expression possible on her face, summing up what the majority of Americans are feeling right now.

Let’s just say this young hero instantly became a viral hit as people began posting their own comments and memes:

New York Times columnist Charles Blow even wrote “This little girl with her arms folded is all of our spirit animals… lol” on Instagram and hashtagged it “#IReallyDontCareDoYou” in reference to Trump’s infamous Zara jacket, which she wore during a visit to migrant children who were separated from their families.

This photo will haunt Melania for life.

Featured image via screen capture

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