Yale Psychiatrist Who Used Mueller Report To Evaluate Trump Says POTUS “Failed Every Criterion” Needed For “Reality-Based Decisions”

This is an emergency!

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Yale University forensic psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee has been doing her damnedest for years now to warn this country that the buffoon currently inhabiting our White House isn’t mentally fit for the circus, much less the presidency.

Back in 2017, when Donald first took his undeserved position as leader of our nation, Bandy, together with more than two-dozen other mental health professionals, defied the “Goldwater rule” — a rule that forbids psychiatrists from giving a diagnosis to an individual that they have not personally examined — to write and publish the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” in an attempt to warn the public of Donald’s dangerous mental capacity.

Since the release of the book, Lee and her fellow mental-health expert partners have evaluated former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page Russia investigation report and used the information that they found therein to construct another up-to-date examination and analysis of Trump’s mental capacity — and to say the least, it’s certainly no more in the president’s favor than the last.


Lee reported to Raw Story that in this analysis, “we highlighted the greater importance of collateral information in a functional, not diagnostic, exam — in other words, reports on [Trump’s] capacity to fulfill the duties of his office by co-workers and close associates are more valuable than a personal interview, which can distort the actual situation by presenting a desired scenario of events rather than reality.”

So what’s the bottom line of it all?

The experts noted in their investigation of the Mueller report that “In sum, [Trump] failed every criterion of sound mental capacity to make rational, reality-based decisions, which are critical to functioning in the role of President.”

“There is very little time now,” Lee went on to explain. “Things will likely escalate from here … This is how the chaos, violence, and fear so apparent in Donald Trump’s psychology translates into chaos, violence, and fear in the White House, the nation and the world at large.”

This isn’t good, folks.

You can watch a short clip of Lee here:

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