White House Throws Trump’s Buddy Roger Stone Under The Bus, Admits He “Did Something Wrong”

Watch as the Trump administration eats its own.

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It’s looking like Trump and the White House are trying pretty hard to cover their own asses lately. It’s common knowledge that Donald Trump will throw anyone to the wolves if he thinks it can benefit or save him, and his longtime friend Roger Stone is no exception.

Stone’s trial for multiple connections to the Mueller report is moving forward and Trump — as well as the White House — are doing their best to cover their tracks and erase any connections they may have had to Trump’s former advisor.

Not long ago at all, Trump was on a Twitter tyrant bashing Micheal Cohen and Robert Mueller while simultaneously seeming to defend his buddy, Roger Stone. At one point, former US acting solicitor general and Georgetown law professor, Neal Katyal, even claimed that Trump using his public platform in such a way, combined with his powers of pardoning, was grounds for witness tampering.


But as the trial moves forward, Trump seems to be getting a bit nervous and has certainly started whistling a different tune. In fact, deputy press secretary, Hogan Gidley, released a statement saying that the White House now believes that Stone “did something wrong.” But they were damn sure quick to point out that they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

In fact, according to Gidley, this whole ordeal it just the fault of the left and mainstream media. They essentially compare the connection to a witchhunt:

[T]his has nothing to do with the president, it’s another attempt by the left and many of the mainstream media to tether Donald Trump to somebody who’s done something wrong on their own time with no connection or coordination with Donald Trump. And that’s what this is about, the president has done nothing wrong, but to try and link these two together is just ridiculous.”

Technically speaking, Stone never worked for Trump on the record. But we ALL know that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s not a serious connection there. And based on the way Trump has so suddenly changed his opinion on the matter, we’re fairly certain that he had EVERYTHING to do with the situation.

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