White House Makes Disgusting, Racist Move Against Foreign Schoolchildren On Class Trip

The Trump administration should be ashamed of themselves.

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The racism that has permeated the White House since the day Donald Trump stepped inside of it knows no bounds. No one is safe from the horrific “values” that the Trump administration is promoting — not even innocent children.

A disgusting, racially-motivated incident happened earlier this month when a group of New Jersey schoolchildren braved a snowstorm to take a bus trip to Washington DC for a tour of the White House. It was an extremely dangerous trip for the group of seventh graders traveling from Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands, whose trip was full of terrible road conditions and long hours due to the weather.

Hungry and exhausted, the young students finally reached their destination at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — only to have three of the schoolkids, who came from other countries, stopped right in their tracks by presidential security.


The school had sent the White House an official list of every student and adult on the tour months in advance. And yet, even after going through the initial checkpoint, Secret Service agents stopped three of the students who hadn’t had their passports or other IDs for non-US citizens. One of the fathers defended the children:

They are here on visas, but they didn’t bring any of that stuff. They didn’t have any ID on them.”

Of course a child wouldn’t think they needed to bring this with them — they were on a school trip!

Apparently, the White House had told the school that “all foreign nationals … regardless of age” must have a passport, alien registration card, or US State Department-issued ID but Henry Hudson administrators had not double-checked that the foreign students had the right IDs before leaving for the trip.

As a consequence, these three children were actually denied entry and forced to stay outside with the school’s principal, Lenore Kingsmore. School board member Karen Horner said:

She was very upset. She was probably more upset than they were.”

But Kingsmore wasn’t the only one who was disgusted by the White House’s treatment of the kids. One father said:

What are 12 -and 13-year-olds going to do? It doesn’t make sense.”

Another parent said, “It’s disgusting. You don’t do that to children.”

We could not agree more.

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