Watch As C-SPAN Host Tries To Get A Belligerent Trump Off The Air, But He Won’t Go

That feeling when an annoying guest just won't shut up.

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Donald Trump is well known for his ability to spew copious amounts of bullshit from his mouth in one single breath. It seems that while his mental health is certainly a thing for concern these days, his lung capacity definitely is not.

If you’ve ever watched a single one of his speeches, or even an instance where he stops to talk to the press, you know exactly what I’m talking about — he prattles on and on and on about pure nonsense with no end in sight.

Which is precisely what he did when he called in to Fox Business Network for a phone interview with Maria Bartiromo, and she was not here for it. In the footage of the phone interview, you can watch as the Fox News host quickly becomes increasingly uncomfortable and fed up with Donald’s incessant chatter.


Trump was rambling on about “cleaning the swamp,” “corruption,” and how Clapper is “a dumb guy.”

Bartiromo tried to interrupt the president more than once saying, “Mr. President, thank you so much,” in an attempt to wrap up the interview and just get the blowhard off the damn phone. But she didn’t have much luck.

POTUS just continued to talk over here, even going so far as to get a little louder every time Maria tried to shut things down.

Despite the multiple attempts from the Fox News host, Trump wasn’t about to shut his big mouth until he had said everything he wanted to say. He even attempted to compliment Bartiromo saying he “watches her show” but it did very little to stoke her desire to continue to listen to him.

Maria was finally able to seize a moment when Donald stopped for a breath and quickly worked to wrap that shit up with a “Thank you, Mr. President.”

We’re sure Bartiromo is pretty used to guests that won’t shut up. It just didn’t appear that she was prepared for it to be the president.

You can watch the video here:

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