Washington DC Officials Reveal Trump Still Owes Them Millions From Inauguration

We're not even surprised.

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Donald Trump’s deceitful and swindling ways truly knows no bounds. The man is under what seems like a million different investigations from different entities all over the country, and several of them have to do with his inauguration. Now according to city and financial records reviewed by the Washington Post, and on top of the investigations already surrounding the event, Trump’s administration owes the District of Columbia a staggering $7 million in funds pertaining to the ceremony.

The 4-day event, which ultimately came with a hefty $27.3 million cost, forced DC to use money from a special fund that’s set aside for annual security costs, necessary for protecting the citizens of the city from terrorist threats to cover the cost of the ceremony.

If things keep going the way they have been, this crucial fund will be in the red by this fall, and the balance that they do have left is making officials quite nervous as they gear up for a 4th of July celebration, complete with activities and a parade.


Local officials have rightfully slammed the government and protesters continue to swarm the capital over the astronomical security expenses under the Trump administration.

John Falcicchio, chief of staff to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, told the Post:

We have and will continue to work closely with our federal partners regardless of administration because ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors is paramount. Our commitment to this function is ironclad, and all that we ask of our federal partners is continued cooperation and the resources to carry out these activities.”

A senior administration official attempted to convince the Post that the debt has already been paid, but DC officials are disputing that claim, telling the newspaper that they have asked for more funds but have not yet been repaid.

The fact that the federal government, under Donald Trump, is now spending more than they’re making has led to issues such as this.

“The point now is that the account has been drained, and being careful with the money has not been enough to make up for not being reimbursed” for the inauguration, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), the city’s nonvoting representative in Congress, told the Post.

We really don’t know why they’re surprised. We’re talking about a man who’s filed bankruptcy at least 6 times. Honestly, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that money.

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