Viral Video Of Kavanaugh Emerges Proving He’s Unfit To Be Supreme Court Justice

Enough is enough.

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As though there wasn’t already enough proof that Brett Kavanaugh was entirely unfit to serve on the United States Supreme Court — all the way from the six credible allegations of sexual assault against him to his fake non-apology in which he said he was sorry for an “outburst” that just happened to be in his prepared remarks before the Judiciary Committee — another video has surfaced, this time from the seemingly endless vault of treasures that Democratic Coalition founder Scott Dworkin has stashed away on his computer.

If there is a qualification that comes first in the list of traits requisite in a Justice on the nation’s highest bench, surely it is the ability to be non-partisan. Every issue that comes before the court is political, because everything is politics when it comes to the law and the interpretation of the law in America — whether we’re talking about a woman’s right to choose her own medical procedures or a gun owner’s right to have any type of weapon they choose.

A judge, however, must be non-partisan, because they must not weigh the merits of any given case against the things they would like to be true under their own personal belief system. They may not believe in abortion but if they rule on it, they must rule based on scientific facts. They may want the Second Amendment to include fully automatic weapons, but their interpretation must be derived from the text of the Constitution.


So when Democratic Senate leader Charles Schumer asked Brett Kavanaugh in 2004, when he was being considered for a District Court appointment, whether he considers himself non-partisan, the answer should have been a resounding yes.

That was not his answer.

Of all the things wrong with the nomination of Mr. Kavanaugh, it should have been the simplest thing — that he considers himself a Republican, in his own words — that derailed his nomination before we ever got to anything worse about him.

Now Democrats may have to investigate the perjury most believe he’s guilty of during his Senate testimony in hopes that we can remove him from the Court.

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