Viral Photo Released Of The Winners From Midterm Election Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With The GOP

This picture says a thousand words.

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The midterm elections signaled a big change in the way our government has currently been working with major Democratic wins in the House of Representatives — but the 2018 midterms were important for another reason. In January, the House’s newest members will contribute to what will be the most diverse Congress in American history — one that truly reflects the reality of what America has become through progress and growth.

The results of the midterms reported that Democrats have taken the majority in the 116th Congress, which is now over 60 percent “women, minorities and LGBTQ representatives.” That’s a major “f*ck you” from voters to Donald Trump and his Republican Party — which has predictably remained a party of white men.

The difference between the GOP and Democrats’ new House coalition couldn’t have been more clear when you look at a photo of newcomers’ headshots, which was shared by the Washington Post‘s Erica Werner. Looking at them side by side, we can see everything that is wrong with the Republican Party:


Compared to incoming House Democrats, of which only 57 percent are white, incoming House Republicans will be 96 percent white. That’s no accident. Trump and the GOP have worked hard to keep the Republican Party as white (and male) as possible, with its constant racism, exclusion of women and minorities, and fear mongering.

While it’s disappointing and revolting that Trump and the GOP continue to perpetuate sexism and racism in 2018, we couldn’t be more excited for this wave of diversity entering Congress. With an onslaught of women and minorities being elected into the House, this is going to give America a voice and balance that we have never had before, and certainly, put a major damper on the GOP’s old boys’ club.

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