Viral Photo Emerges Of Trump That Mueller Is Going To Want To See, Connects POTUS To Scandal

Trump is losing his mind right now.

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Recently, an intelligence firm announced the discovery that the accusations of sexual misconduct created to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his Russia investigation were somehow linked to 20-year-old Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl. This was found out through an investigation into the claims, which found evidence that the “agency” Surefire Intelligence, which was asking women for claims about Mueller, turned out to be Wohl.

Now, Donald Trump is shaking, because he’s just been called out for having a connection to Wohl due to a photo that has gone viral. This photo — which shows Trump smiling and posing with Wohl — was called out by attorney Seth Abramson, who is also a professor and investigative journalist, on Twitter and has since been passed all around the internet.


And that was just the beginning. In a series of tweets, Abramson posted several other pieces of evidence that prove there is, without a doubt, a link between Trump and Wohl, the man who tried to ruin Mueller’s career. Just read this amazing series below:

Once Mueller sees this, it’s pretty much over for the president — and Trump knows it. Because if Abramson’s predictions are right — that Wohl is just a young man who will see his entire life ahead of him and be easily convinced to turn on Trump — the president is FINISHED.

Featured image via screen capture

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