US Allies Furious After Trump Refused To Read And Tore Up Report On Iran Nuclear Deal They Prepared For Him

His arrogance is going to doom us all.

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For a self-proclaimed “master negotiator” Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be able to strike a deal on jack shit. His negotiations with both China and Korea have been nothing short of an absolute disaster, and now he has added Iran to the list — effectively putting this country on the brink of war.

Donald’s self-absorbed, arrogant, and egotistical behavior is a huge contributor to the fact that he can’t seem to reach an agreement with virtually anyone — instead of discussing matters and opening deliberation to compromise, the president instead stomps his feet like a toddler and sticks to the belief that if he can’t get exactly what he wants, nobody can.

While this tactic has clearly caused the United States a myriad of hardships, the results of Donald’s toddler-esque behavior is now starting to affect some of America’s closest allies.


According to recent reports from the Washington Post, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have spent months in negotiation with the U.S. State Department in regard to a reconstructed version of the Iran nuclear deal. And they were all furious when, despite the fact that they had been close to a deal in April, Trump decided to completely ignore out ally’s concerns, and tear up the Iran nuclear agreement without reading a word.

The Post reported that  French President Emanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson all feel that president Trump completely dismissed their concerns and made a split second decision out of arrogance that could affect the entire world, leaving them all to wonder if further negotiation with the U.S. will even be possible.

“When Macron, Merkel, and Johnson traveled to Washington in the days and weeks before Trump’s announcement, all came away with the feeling Trump had not read the five-page document they had prepared and perhaps was even unaware of the effort,” the Post reported. “In Brussels, where the E.U. is headquartered, many are skeptical that any further discussion is possible with the United States.”

It seems that our allies are finding Donald’s petulance, immaturity, and conceit make him impossible to work with. And we don’t know where that leaves our country.

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