Unhinged Trump Supporter Shares His Views On Bombs Sent To Obama And Hillary, This Is Terrifying

Don't let his vote count more than yours!

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If you needed any more convincing that we need all the Democrats we can get to go out and vote next month, this is going to be it.

Authorities have already connected the mail bombings that were sent to prominent Democrats and Trump critics such as former POTUS Barack Obama, the Clintons, CNN, and many others to Trump-loving Republican Cesar Sayoc. And yet, it seems like there are some Trump supporters who still refuse to come in contact with reality (much like the president himself). The footage you’re about to see is terrifying, but it proves this point perfectly.

NBC News’ Ali Vitali was brave enough to interview Trump supporters at a rally in North Carolina, and one supporter had a very scary theory about how the bombs were sent to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


On camera, Trump lover Arvil Runyon shared his insane theory about how Obama was sent the bomb, stating that the former POTUS probably sent the bomb to himself. Runyon said:

Barack Obama probably sent his to hisself. Hillary Clinton probably sent hers to herself.”

Runyon also said that he thought Sayoc was innocent, or might have been paid to do it. Runyon said:

They probably had it done.”

Runyon explained that this was all part of a plot to get people against Trump and move away from the Republican Party. Watch the disturbing footage below, and please use this as a strong reminder to get out and vote — because we cannot afford to let people like this control America’s future:

Featured image via screen capture

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