Unearthed Op-Ed By Jeff Sessions’ Replacement Found, Drops Bombshell About Mueller Investigation

This is really disturbing.

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Today has been an absolute train wreck for the Trump administration. Not only has the president come totally unhinged and is unraveling at record speed over the victory of the Democrats in the midterm election, but his White House is crumbling. It was announced earlier today that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned and will be replaced by Matt Whitaker – and the worst may be yet to come.

While many of us grew to hate Sessions, it was hard not to feel bad at him for times whenever Trump viciously attacked him. Many Americans are happy to see him go, but no one should be smiling now – because what’s been revealed about his acting replacement could spell trouble for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation.

Old quotes from Whitaker have just been unearthed, and it looks like Mueller could become a target. PolitiFact writer John Kruzel posted a Whitaker quote from last year, in which Whitaker spoke about Sessions being replaced and Mueller’s investigation facing decreased funds so that it eventually couldn’t continue:


Journalist Yashar Ali also pointed to several of Whitaker’s old tweets about Mueller and the Russia investigation:

This definitely looks like trouble. While Americans may be rejoicing about Democrats taking the House of Representatives, we cannot relax – Trump and his administration are up to no good and are hell bent on saving the president.

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