Uncovered Documents Reveal Trump’s Lies About His Plans To Profit In Russia

The lies never end!

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No matter how badly he is cornered or under pressure to tell the truth, Donald Trump only continues to prove that he will always be a liar and that his deception of America will never end.

Even as he was backed up against a wall thanks to documents obtained by BuzzFeed, Trump insisted during an interview that his business deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, Russia wasn’t actually a business deal — when very clearly, it was. Trump even signed a letter of intent to build it during his presidential campaign (and lied about it). Trying to brush the whole thing off as insignificant, Trump said:

I don’t think they had a location. I’m not even sure if they had a location.”

The BuzzFeed documents paint a picture that is entirely different. Reporter Emma Loop stated:


In fact, hundreds of pages of business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans obtained by BuzzFeed News show that the Trump Organization was scoping at least one prime location for the luxury glass skyscraper. The signed letter of intent includes a proposal to build the tower in Moscow City, a former industrial complex near the edge of the Moscow River that has since been converted into an ambitious commercial district clustered with several of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe.”

To take the heat off of himself, Looper stated that Trump is now trying to blame things on his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Looper addressed Trump’s comments that Giuliani had made false claims and reiterated that there were very concrete plans to build the Moscow Trump Tower, despite what Trump is saying:

BuzzFeed News last week published detailed plans revealing that the tower was in fact a richly imagined vision of upscale splendor on the banks of the river, expected to yield profits in excess of $300 million.”

America deserves the truth, but it will never come from Trump.

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